These are some accessories that I predicted will be worn during the Fall/Winter season of 2014.


Non-Fashion Items

These are some non-fashion items I predicted that for Fall/Winter 2014. These are luxury items that consumers may be willing to spend more on.

The Complete Boards and Write-Up

This project was really hands on and interactive. First, we started by educating ourselves on worldly events and news that were occurring in today’s world. I was researching the economy and how we have been improving after our harsh crash. People are being able to rebuild saving accounts and begin to spend money on luxury items. This is where my theme of Re-Birth came into play.

Next, I began to find pictures that captured my theme without using words (Mood Board). I found one that I felt capture the essence of my theme and used it in my theme board as well as came up with a brief narrative. The narrative just explained my theme and how what I was predicting for 2014 based off of news reports.

Then, I began to figure out colors that I thought will be seen during Fall and Winter of 2014. I first chose my base colors, and from there I toyed with different shades and hues of each color. Once I found what I was looking for, I jumped online and browsed the Pantone homepage to find exact Pantone numbers.

Textile, trimmings, and details were the next step, which was hardest for me. I referenced my History of Fashion textbook and starting reading the about the Renaissance era since I found it to be very similar. After getting an idea of that, I began considering the modern textiles that were similar or used. There were a lot of Silks and embroidery.
Once I found my textiles and trimmings, I then began searching through runway pictures from last year Fall/Winter show on StyleSight. This is where I found common looks that different designers were doing that I felt worked with my theme. This was fun also because I got to check out a ton of different lines and collections.

Next, I worked on the accessories that I thought would be worn during this Re-Birth era. I chose a lot of lace detailed on the accessories such as gloves and shoes. I also felt that long necklaces and floral pattern on tights and other accessories would be relevant to my theme.

Lastly, I had to predict what non-fashion items consumers would be purchasing during this Re-Birth era. I looked at websites like Pintrest, Google, and were very helpful in finding these items. I found household items, a luxury car, home décor, etc. that seemed fitting for my theme.

These are my Fall/Winter of 2014 Textiles, Trimmings, and Details Predictions for my theme of Re-Birth.

This is my color predictions for Fall/Winter of 2014

Re-Birth Theme Board

A quick narrative about my theme.

Re-Birth Mood Board

A mood board board explaining my theme without words.

Dark Fantasy Forecast for Fall 2014

As I browsed the internet for upcoming major events I came across some crazy events that will be happening in 2014. In the realm of technology: DNA Sequencing for under $100, Solar Power Planes, Robotic Pack Mules for the Military, New World Trade Center, International Space Station, Google Glasses and more that I will not get into. Let’s just say there will be a lot of advances when 2014 comes along. Then I moved to my favorite topic, ENTERTAINMENT! First noteworthy event, The 2016 Olympics being held in Brazil, cool! Also the FIFA World Cup 2014 will also be held there. After reading all of that, my interest was not yet there.

So I continued to look at the entertainment forecast for 2014, and I strolled along to movie releases. Not to my surprise I found a number of movie being released in 2014 that had a common theme; fantasy. Just to name a few: Amazing Spider Man 2, X-Men, Captain America, Godzilla and a ton more, just look it up! One upcoming movie that I clicked on and research a little more, was title Maleficent, and its staring Angelina Jolie. This movie is about the untold story of the evil nemesis in the classic tale of Sleeping Beauty; for those who are unfamiliar with the story, Maleficent is the evil witch from Sleeping Beauty. Of course this left me full of joy because if Angelia Jolie is staring, then I can predict that it will be a dark fantasy sort of movie.


While still searching entertainment, I also discovered that in 2014, there are a lot of Disney Broadway shows that are in development such as: The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, Dumbo, The Little Mermaid, Freaky Friday and one being released in 2014 Aladdin! So it seems like in 2014, Disney is making a comeback in the entertainment district. Although it is not classic Disney, it looks as though, directors and producers are going for a darker take on Disney stories. I feel that bringing Disney stories to Broadway creates a gloomier take to the story because there are not as many special effects and cartoon aspects to the story.


The theme I am choosing to work with for my predictions of Fall Fashion in 2014 is Dark Fantasy. I like this idea as my theme but I would like to find other words than Dark and Fantasy for my title of the theme. I was toying around with other words for dark: Clouded, Aphoristic, Morose, Somber or Wicked; and for Fantasy: Delusion, Mirage, Illusion, or Phantasy.


Now for ideas on taglines; I wanted to stick with a Disney-ish sort of theme so I was looking up Alice in Wonderland movie quotes because I feel that movie fits in the world of dark fantasy. So some possible tag lines:

  • “You would have to be half mad to dream me up.”
  • “Every adventure requires a first step.”
  • “Most everyone’s mad here.”
  • “You may have noticed that I’m not all there myself.”


Next I think a narrative story, that introduces my Fall of 2014 Fashion Forecast, would work best and tie in nicely with my overall theme.

                “Once upon a time…”

I will have to put more thought into it because I’d like it to start off the narrative as a fairy tale story but then turn it into a more twisted, gloomy story but still play on the fairy tale story line.


Mr. Mom

I think it is safe to say that today’s nuclear family has been reversed and revised. It is becoming more acceptable for couples to move forward with living together and starting a family, minus marriage. For decades marriage was the first step to beginning a life together; the rules state you must get married before living together, you must get married before sleeping together, and there should not be any questions of having children, if there isn’t a ring on that finger. I can honestly say I have never been a firm believer that a marriage is most important. If you love, respect, and care for one another then I feel that is enough.

Now for the baby talk… The norm that most of us are familiar with is once the baby comes, mom stays at home, and she cleans, caters to the children and of course provides that hot meal at the end of the day for the hardworking man. Sounds pretty old-school. Since is it 2013, roles are finally starting to reverse… STAY AT HOME DADS!  After reading Faith Popcorn’s Brain Reserve predictions for 2013, I was pleased to read that in a recent survey “73% of men” do not have a problem with their significant other bring home the bacon.

So what can this mean for fashion you ask? My predictions are that baby gear, such as diaper bags, strollers and other accessories will be more geared toward a male’s style.  Brad Pitt is a good example of a fashionable father; he has been seen wearing the Storksak unisex Jamie diaper bag (comes in black and espresso brown). I predict that more masculine colored and designed baby slings will also start to become popular and accessibly.



porsche-stroller 12

This could also mean that more men will start ditching the suit and tie and perhaps adapt a more casual wardrobe, baby drool and all. The fathers “weekend look” will start becoming more predominate and accepted; things such as polo shirts. t-shirts, jeans, slacks, sweaters, gym shoes, etc. anything not requiring an iron.



This also will affect the working world. Maternity leave is solely to benefit the mother and newborn child. Men are not usually taken into consideration or given time off. Just recently my friend had a baby and to my surprise her husband was awarded a 1 DAY leave. With the ever-changing world, I can see this standard changing, hopefully for the best.

From Street to Chic

Contrary to what we may have heard, “Prostitution is one of the world’s oldest professions,” this is simply not true; it’s more like hunting and gathering. Although there does not seem to be an exact date when “ladies of the night,” also known as prostitute, were first seen on the streets. I think it is safe to say that once money, goods and services began being trading, that sex for some sort of payment came into the picture. There are provisions in the Code of Hammurabi about protection the rights of prostitutes and that dates back to the 18th century BCE, so that could possibly be the earliest known date.

So what does this have to do with fashion you ask? Well if anyone has heard of the Trickle Up, Trickle Down or Trickle Across theory then you may already know… The triangle-ish diagram I have created below is an example of the Trickle Up Theory dealing with the style leaderships by prostitutes. The Ladies of the Night, were the first women to start a darling lifestyle by dressing in a shocking and rebellious manner. They were the first ladies to wear the striking red lipstick along with rouge makeup. They could also be credited as being the first females to start smoking cigarettes because for the longest time cigarettes were only sold to soldiers at the end of the Civil War. Prostitutes were also a bit fashion forward during their time, and were the first to wear high heels to merely stroll the streets. Women who worked the streets were some of the first women seen drinking alcohol when it was still a “man’s” activity.

Now let’s look at how these Ladies of the Night have trickled their fashion to the upper class. Can anyone honestly say they have never seen bold red lipstick on a least one celebrity or model? Red lipstick is seen everywhere, it gives women the feel and look of a sexy vixen. The rouge makeup is also popular among the higher class, makeup in general is much more accepted now and it has given us the flexibly to do a lot of wild things with, just look at Nicki Minaji, YIKES! Now the dreaded cigarettes, people of every class smoke these cancer sticks. Models have even been professional photographed while smoking a cigarette; expecting it to look sexy… (like prostitute sexy?) High heels are also a duh factor. I’m pretty sure every high fashion model, upper class career women and even the First Lady, own multiple pairs of high heels, those trickled way up. Up until the 1960’s, fishnets were only seen on prostitutes and pin-up girls like Bettie Page. Next the punks of the 1970’s took hold of fishnets, ripped ones mostly! Eventually fishnets have made their way up to the runway where we now see models and celebrities wearing all sorts of fishnets.

From Streets to Chic

“You can take the girl off the streets, but you can’t take the streets off the girl.”