I Me Mine..

Hey everyone… if anyone is out there. My name is Kimmy and I find it hard to talk about myself, I know what a shock! I am a 5’2 Mexican who loves big hair, black eyeliner and FASHION!!!  I am new to the world of blogs; I entered to share my thoughts and opinions on current trends in fashion.

I am a punk rocker at heart but have been trying to dress “more my age” even though I look 16. It is hard to define my style because my likes are everywhere! Some days I feel like a hippie, others I feel like punk and sometimes I just want my yoga pants!

I commute into the city every week and am constantly exposed to waves of people. I get to see all sorts of characters on the train and walking down the city blocks wearing some questionable fashion statements. I respect and give credit to those people who attempt to be trend setters but may end up looking like a mess, at least they tried!!

I am a slave to social networks such as Facebook and Pinterest. If you know anything about, you know my phone is usually glued to my hand… So below I have included a picture of what I usually look like :



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