Mr. Mom

I think it is safe to say that today’s nuclear family has been reversed and revised. It is becoming more acceptable for couples to move forward with living together and starting a family, minus marriage. For decades marriage was the first step to beginning a life together; the rules state you must get married before living together, you must get married before sleeping together, and there should not be any questions of having children, if there isn’t a ring on that finger. I can honestly say I have never been a firm believer that a marriage is most important. If you love, respect, and care for one another then I feel that is enough.

Now for the baby talk… The norm that most of us are familiar with is once the baby comes, mom stays at home, and she cleans, caters to the children and of course provides that hot meal at the end of the day for the hardworking man. Sounds pretty old-school. Since is it 2013, roles are finally starting to reverse… STAY AT HOME DADS!  After reading Faith Popcorn’s Brain Reserve predictions for 2013, I was pleased to read that in a recent survey “73% of men” do not have a problem with their significant other bring home the bacon.

So what can this mean for fashion you ask? My predictions are that baby gear, such as diaper bags, strollers and other accessories will be more geared toward a male’s style.  Brad Pitt is a good example of a fashionable father; he has been seen wearing the Storksak unisex Jamie diaper bag (comes in black and espresso brown). I predict that more masculine colored and designed baby slings will also start to become popular and accessibly.



porsche-stroller 12

This could also mean that more men will start ditching the suit and tie and perhaps adapt a more casual wardrobe, baby drool and all. The fathers “weekend look” will start becoming more predominate and accepted; things such as polo shirts. t-shirts, jeans, slacks, sweaters, gym shoes, etc. anything not requiring an iron.



This also will affect the working world. Maternity leave is solely to benefit the mother and newborn child. Men are not usually taken into consideration or given time off. Just recently my friend had a baby and to my surprise her husband was awarded a 1 DAY leave. With the ever-changing world, I can see this standard changing, hopefully for the best.


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