The Complete Boards and Write-Up

This project was really hands on and interactive. First, we started by educating ourselves on worldly events and news that were occurring in today’s world. I was researching the economy and how we have been improving after our harsh crash. People are being able to rebuild saving accounts and begin to spend money on luxury items. This is where my theme of Re-Birth came into play.

Next, I began to find pictures that captured my theme without using words (Mood Board). I found one that I felt capture the essence of my theme and used it in my theme board as well as came up with a brief narrative. The narrative just explained my theme and how what I was predicting for 2014 based off of news reports.

Then, I began to figure out colors that I thought will be seen during Fall and Winter of 2014. I first chose my base colors, and from there I toyed with different shades and hues of each color. Once I found what I was looking for, I jumped online and browsed the Pantone homepage to find exact Pantone numbers.

Textile, trimmings, and details were the next step, which was hardest for me. I referenced my History of Fashion textbook and starting reading the about the Renaissance era since I found it to be very similar. After getting an idea of that, I began considering the modern textiles that were similar or used. There were a lot of Silks and embroidery.
Once I found my textiles and trimmings, I then began searching through runway pictures from last year Fall/Winter show on StyleSight. This is where I found common looks that different designers were doing that I felt worked with my theme. This was fun also because I got to check out a ton of different lines and collections.

Next, I worked on the accessories that I thought would be worn during this Re-Birth era. I chose a lot of lace detailed on the accessories such as gloves and shoes. I also felt that long necklaces and floral pattern on tights and other accessories would be relevant to my theme.

Lastly, I had to predict what non-fashion items consumers would be purchasing during this Re-Birth era. I looked at websites like Pintrest, Google, and were very helpful in finding these items. I found household items, a luxury car, home décor, etc. that seemed fitting for my theme.


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